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Welcome to Jagr

The Jagr AutoGrader is a powerful tool for grading programming assignments, providing detailed test results in the form of rubrics for each submission.


  • Easy Submission Process for students via Gradle Plugin
  • Fluent API for defining grading rubric
  • Write tests in familiar JUnit 5 style
  • Access to the submission's source code in tests
  • Integration with powerful bytecode manipulation tools such as ASM
  • Detailed test results in the form of rubrics

Basic Command-Line Usage

  1. Create a grader
  2. Create a submission
  3. Download the latest release


    The jagr-bin package is available on the AUR for Arch Linux users.

  4. Create an empty working directory and copy the Jagr jar into it

  5. Run java -jar Jagr-x-x-x.jar, which should create the following folder structure:

    Text Only
    ./graders -- input folder for grader jars (tests and rubric providers)
    ./libs -- for libraries that are required on each submission's classpath
    ./logs -- saved log files
    ./rubrics -- the output folder for graded rubrics
    ./submissions -- input folder for submissions
    ./submissions-export -- output folder for submissions
  6. Prepare the grader and submission for grading

    1. Prepare the grader jar by running the graderBuildGrader Gradle task in the grader project
    2. Prepare the submission jar by running the mainBuildSubmission Gradle task in the submission project
    3. Locate the respective jars in the build/libs folder of the grader and submission projects
  7. Copy the grader jar into the graders folder and the submission jar into the submissions folder. If the grader requires any runtime dependencies (that are not already included in Jagr), copy them into the libs folder


    The graderBuildLibs gradle task provided by the jagr-gradle plugin can be used to generate a fat jar containing all runtime dependencies. This task automatically excludes dependencies already present in the Jagr runtime.

  8. Run java -jar Jagr-x-x-x.jar again to grade the submission